Vision Board Workshop: A Guide for Creating Your Board

Vision boards aid in goal-setting and collect our intentions into a visual roadmap of the life we want to create. These boards are like mirrors reflecting our intentions back to us. Also, they provide inspiration and clarity. They also reflect out to the Universe, helping us draw what we want into our lives. Here, we will guide you on the basics of setting up your board and hosting a vision board workshop party.


How to Create a Vision Board

The goal is to create a vision board that is personal to you. It doesn’t have to look a certain way or use specific items. A pretty board that doesn’t speak to you isn’t a vision board. Remember to follow your heart and intuition in guiding your process.


Vision Board supplies of images journal entries and pins

Find your vision

Getting clear on your intentions isn’t about what you think your life “should” look like or what other people say. Take time to dream up your ideal life and identify the images and words that describe that life. A guided meditation is a great exercise to find this vision.


Collect your materials

If you’re handmaking a vision board, you’ll need a board, tape or glue sticks, and the images and words used to depict your vision. The board can be anything from posterboard to cork panels. Magazines, flyers, photos, and printouts from your favorite blog posts or social media posts are great visual materials sources.


vision board supplies like pens and scissors

Construct the board

Take all of your images and words and arrange them on your board without affixing them. Step back and see how you like the layout. Important images and words should be closer to the center (your eye will go there first). Once you like the layout, then glue them down.

Display it somewhere that you’ll see it. Hang the board in your office, bedroom, or bathroom so you can draw inspiration from it often.


Digital Vision Board

An online vision board is an excellent option for the tech-savvy. Place all of your images into a file folder or a board page. Use a canvas application like Canva or Adobe Spark to arrange and save your vision board. Still, we recommend printing out a copy of your board to post (if possible) or setting a calendar reminder to look at your digital board periodically.


vision board party supplies

Vision Board Parties

There’s power in joining your intentions with others. A vision board party allows you to share resources, support others, and receive their support for your vision.


If you’re hosting, here are a few tips:

  • Ask guests to bring their materials and extras to share. A couple of magazines each should do.
  • Have on hand extra tape, glue sticks, etc. 
  • Make spaces for people to work together at the same table and a few extra spaces if people want to spread out more.
  • Start with a brief description of what the vision board is for to help everyone focus.
  • Save time at the end of the party for people to share their vision and have everyone stand with them on their journey.


For an in-depth board workshop on bringing your intentions to life using a vision board, get our vision board workshop course, complete with guided meditation audio.

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