Summer Moon Magic

As I write this blog on my back deck, I’m struck by the power of the summer air to refresh the spirit and creative flow. Summer is the height of bounty, filled with a sense of fruitfulness, play, and boundless energy. As the night descends, this unique summer mood continues. Paired with the Magic of the moon and exploring moon phases, possibilities become endless.

Here we will review:

  • The basics on how to work with the phases of the moon
  • Ways to incorporate summer into your moon rituals, including a moon “bath” to enhance your moon connection


Moon Phases and How to Work with Them

Moon phases stretched over a city skyline

As the moon orbits the earth, the moon shifts through phases of waxing (seeming to “grow” as more moon face is reflecting the sun’s light) and waning (seeming to “shrink”). Each lunar phase has its own unique characteristics we can tap into with our rituals. Each of the eight phases lasts roughly three days, so you can harness the power associated with that lunar cycle during any of those three days. They also can be viewed in terms of the quarters, to focus on the transitions.

Moon Phases and What to Focus on

  • New Moon. The beginning of the moon phase calendar, marking new beginnings. Focus on what you want to create for the coming cycle. It can also be viewed as the end of the cycle and a time to cull. Energy will continue to grow until the Full Moon.
  • Waxing Crescent.
  • First Quarter. Growth, growth, growth. Focus is on ascension, creation, new plans and actions, and blossoming.
  • Waxing Gibbous.
  • Full Moon. Represents the start of closure, the end of growth, and a retracting. This phase is an opportunity to cull all that no longer serves us in the next cycle. Focus on gratitude and appreciation for what has come and what is yet to come. Energy is at its max so emotions and passions can run high. Be aware of how it affects you and plan accordingly. It’s a great time to recharge crystals and yourself or perform full moon rituals.
  • Waning Gibbous.
  • Last Quarter. Energy is at its lowest as we near the New Moon. All is waning. Focus on sorting, clearing, examining what is and is not serving you. It’s the perfect time to prepare your plans for the New Moon.
  • Waning Crescent.


These phases can also be paired with the different astrological signs or houses the moon passes through. You can find more about suggested areas to focus on for each full and new moon in my Instagram posts or a moon guidebook (Lori Reid’s Moon Power and Stephanie Lafranque’s Moon Energy are two of my current favs).


Bringing Summer Energy into Moon Rituals

Summer moon sliver over a blue and purple sky

The Summer’s bounty can enhance your existing rituals and practices, or you can create a whole new practice centered around the summer. Try these ideas.

Take It Outside

Full moon circles and rituals can be moved outside to get extra moonlight and summer air. You will also experience a greater sense of communing with Mother Nature and Mother Moon by being in greater contact with the elements. 

The summer is also a great time to get extra moon power in clearing and charging your crystals. The temperatures are more moderate, making it safer to bring crystals outside overnight to charge in the moonlight. (Always check overnight lows before leaving crystals outside overnight, too cold and the crystals could crack!) For moonlight crystal charging and ritual tips, check out my Charging with Moonlight Beginner’s Guide.

Add Flower Power

Flowers, as another gift of the earth, pair with crystals to enhance crystal rituals and grids. Flowers can be added to herbal mixtures for cleansing smoke, ring the outside of a crystal grid to hold intentions or incorporated within the crystal grid itself, and worn in the hair or a wreath during ritual work. I love ringing my crystal grids with organic rose buds or chrysanthemums. Bring the freshness of flowers to refresh your summer activities.

Add Sun-Oriented Stones

The summer is abundant with solar energy, so adding sun-oriented stones can bring that summer energy into your crystal grids and layouts. Sun-oriented crystals include sunstone, citrine, and tiger’s eye

Moon Bath

Summer moon over a red and pink moonrise sky with women sitting seaside

When pondering how to maximize my moon practice this summer, I felt called by water. Moonlight reflecting off of shimmering water is one of the most calming experiences I’ve experienced.

Combining moonbeams, summer air, and healing water brings our spiritual restoration practices to a whole new level. Moon’s power over water – seen in the shifting of the tides – is undeniable. Moon energy infusing the water and bouncing off the surface to magnify its radiance. 

Here are some ideas for a moon-infused bath:

  • Get moonbeams. Make sure you can find moonlight and water in the same place. Open your window over your bath; take a dip in an outdoor pool or hot tub; wade in a lake or river; hold a bowl of water before you as you stand in the moonlight.
  • Add an altar. Add an altar of moon-oriented crystals next to your bath. (Having it outside the bath means you don’t have to restrict to water-safe crystals). These include moonstone, quartz in all varieties, selenite, and labradorite.
  • Be intentional. Keep your focus on the synergy between the water, the air, and the moonlight. Give thanks as you’re immersed in these powerful elements.

Soak up the last of the summer moons and try some of these new ways to honor this special time in your practices.

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