Spring Cleaning in Winter: an Energy Clearing

Getting started on your spring cleaning in winter has several benefits. In this article, we’ll discuss how to cleanse and clear your space before the Spring Equinox.


Why Spring Cleaning in Winter?

The cold, dark winter season is the perfect time of year to start a spring clean of your home or office. You’re most aware of how the clutter affects you and your home’s energy on these long winter nights, so use that awareness as motivation. It will also prevent a springtime burnout—overdoing it by tackling inside and outside projects all at once.


Energy Cleansing and Recalibration

You can begin by removing the negative vibes and stagnant energy in your space. Once they’re gone, you’ll feel more positive energy spurring on your cleaning and see immediate results from your cleaning efforts.

  • Use sacred smoke (you may know it as ‘smudging’) or sound to break up the energy. Open the front and back doors to help usher negative energy out of your house and let in the fresh air. 
  • Before you declutter, pause to give thanks to the items you’re removing. Gratitude can loosen the connection with objects, making it easier for you to decide to let go of things you do not need. You can do this again as you choose to let each item go.
  • Finally, imagine what your space will look and feel like once it’s been cleaned. Envision being in that space and how amazing it feels. Announce to the Universe how you want to feel in this space, such as “I feel organized and productive in my office.” 

Envisioning a clean space sets the intention you will use as you clean; it announces to your space what you are manifesting.


Read more about our guide on ushering positive energy into your home or space.


Mopping the floor after clearing the energy of the space


Harness the Power of Nature in Your Cleaning

Many philosophies, including Feng Shui, recommend focusing on the flow of energy as you clean. Incorporating the power of nature, crystal healing, and practices from Feng Shui or other philosophies as you clean can take the refreshing to another level.


Invoke Spring Equinox Energy

The Spring Equinox is a time of immense growth – for the earth, for ourselves, and for our endeavors. Light begins to win back the day from the darkness, and fresh energy flows towards us. Think of yourself as the light coming to take back your home as you declutter and clean. Embody spring and lightness, which will infuse your space with this intention.


Align with Winter and Spring Moon Phases

The February 2021 Snow Moon in Virgo brings tidying and organizing energy. The March 2021 Worm Moon in Libra invites setting intentions for creating a beautiful and luxurious home. 

In her book Moon Power, Lori Reid recommends scheduling big cleaning projects after the full moon and a deep clean the few days after the Last Quarter moon. You can set your cleaning intentions during the full moon and undertake them after.


Holding the intention of moon and nature energy while cleaning the glass shower door


Spring Crystal Healing for Your Home

Here are some ways to add crystals to your cleaning routine:

  • Hold crystals while energy cleansing. Use one or more of the crystals below with your smoke or sound clearing.
  • Clear your cleaning implements before and after cleaning. Use cleansing techniques (smoke, sound, a crystal) to energetically cleanse your mop, vacuum, etc., to release any energy buildup.
  • Wear crystals as you clean or secure a satchel with your crystal onto your mop or broom handle. This infuses your cleaning with crystal energy and intention.


Crystals recommended for spring cleaning:

  • Red jasper: incredible organizing energy.
  • Amethyst: transmutes negative to positive, excellent for energetic cleansing.
  • Black tourmaline and selenite: powerhouse team; tourmaline protects and grounds; selenite clears and charges.
  • Carnelian: energizes; great for extended cleaning sessions.
  • Orange calcite: overall cleansing, clears the energy in the space around it.


Close up of richly purple amethyst clutter which is a crystal perfect to hold while cleaning


Don’t Wait on the Weather

Winter is also a great time to plan your outdoor spring cleaning – if the weather prevents cleaning now. Envision your backyard oasis and decide what steps you’ll take to make it a reality this year. Be ready to hit the ground running by lining up contractors and consultants now.


Make a checklist

Now that you have the information you need, you can start your energy spring cleaning and clearing!

  • Always start by clearing the energy of your space
  • Give thanks to anything you are removing in decluttering
  • Clean with an intention for the life you want to live in that space
  • Get a cleaning boost with crystal, equinox, and moon energy
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