Six Benefits of Having Flowers in Your Home

Picture this: You open the door after a long day of work. You’re immediately greeted by a sweet, earthy scent – uniquely floral. Your eyes follow your nose and land on a gorgeous bouquet of your favorite flowers. Colors from layered blossoms mixed with deep green stems and leaves catch your eye. You gently run your finger over the petals and are greeted with a soft, supple, and fragile texture. Subsequently, a smile fills your face as your heart connects with all the joy infusing your senses. These are just a few of the benefits of having flowers in your home.


Here are six reasons you should add fresh-cut flowers or flowering plants to your home.


The Scent of Flowers Captures the Refreshing of Spring

As the sun returns and warms the earth, we naturally feel refreshed and invigorated. We look to fill our senses with everything missing during the long, cold winter. Flowers are the poster child of spring. They unquestionably represent the refreshing of the earth and bring that energy into your home. Keeping fresh flowers through the year allows us to extend the growth energy of spring.


Flower Aromatherapy Creates Moods

springs of aromatic lavender against a misty blue backdrop

In my article on creating positive new home, I recommended creating a scent journey in your home to coordinate your décor to the mood you wish to invoke. Floral aromas should definitely be part of that journey.  

Where to add flower notes and where to avoid:

  • Add to the bedroom—hello romance! 
  • Include in your the entryway—fresh and inviting.
  • Add to the living room—clean, calming, and subtle.
  • AVOID: the kitchen—food scents like vanilla or citrus are better.
  • AVOID: large flower arrangements in the bathroom—aim more towards a few stems of hyacinth or a small collection of wildflowers.


Flowers Instantly Change the Look and Feel of the Room

Romantic bouquet of peach flowers on a bedside table

With minimal investment, you can refocus or refresh the feel of your space with flowers. Placed in a central or focal location, the flowers will inform the whole look of the room and color the rest of the space accordingly. 


Fresh Cut Flowers For Quick Changes

Freshly cut flowers give maximum versatility. By changing your arrangements every few weeks—using the flowers in season and tailoring to your mood of the moment—you bring vibrancy and revitalization regularly.


Flowering Plants for Lasting Looks

Flowering plants can anchor the room for months (for seasonal blooms) or yearlong (for everblooming varieties). With every round of blooms, you’ll bring a periodic yet familiar refreshing, similar to the patterned refreshing from the cycles of the moon. 


Flower Décor Brings Wood Element Energy into Your Space

Some additional benefits of having flowers in your home: creating balance and harmony. Balancing the energy or Ch’i of a home is a powerful way to bring a sense of harmony and flow to the space, and in turn, your life. Balancing the five elements identified in Feng Shui—wood, water, earth, metal, fire—is one way to bring this balance. If you’re looking to add more wood elements into your space without adding the heaviness of actual wood, flowers are a great option. Beyond floral arrangements or bouquet of flowers, consider adding a floral painting or wallpaper.


Flowers and Crystals 

Benefits of having flowers in your home a white vase filled with rich red tulips with quartz crystal chips

Plants, flowers, and crystals are blessed and powerful gifts of the earth. Plants help enhance the power of crystals. Coming from the same ground, they inherently work together and enhance each other. A glass vase filled with tumbled clear or rose quartz and a luscious bouquet is a show-stopper. It’s also a method to infuse the refreshing and healing power of flowers with the amplifying energy of quartz. The pairing options are endless. More great pairings can be found in books like Cosmic Botany by Tanya Lichtenstein.


Flowers Support Local Businesses

Whether you buy potted plants, outdoor plants for a cutting garden, or cut flower bouquets, you’ll often be getting them from a local business. By doing this, you’re supporting small local businesses using your purchasing power. Commit to adding more flowers or plants in your home throughout the year; it can make a noticeable impact on their business. Just a few more benefits of having flowers in your home. And you’ll be bringing some of that small business love into your space—who doesn’t love that?

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