Due to COVID precautions and state health guidelines, we are not providing in-person services while social distancing is recommended. During this difficult time, when fear, anxiety, and isolation are gripping our hearts, it is important to continue to find joy, beauty and sanctuary in our lives. We at Ink Stone Moon want to help and are providing remote and no-contact services to help manifest your sanctuary space and state of mind.

Services & Products Offered Now

Contact us to schedule a session. We are currently offering the following services:

  • Oracle card reading and intention-setting sessions with crystal blessing – $40 for first 30 minutes
  • Remote crystal grids with blessing and brief educational session – $40 for first 30 minutes
  • No-contact delivery of individually designed crystal grids and crystals within Bend city limits (we may delivery to the greater Deschutes County area on a case-by-case basis) – prices vary and availability depends on the safety of delivery options.
  • Virtual crystal and decor consultation. Services include a combination of intention setting, personalized crystal and decor recommendations, and/or energy clearing education:
    • Personalized crystal selection and delivery.
    • Virtual energy clearing of the space.
    • Virtual energy clearing and advice for specific crystals – when your crystals feel blocked, congested, or simply aren’t working the way they used to.

Prices Vary