Does Your Crystal Need to be Charged?

For optimal function, crystals need to be cleansed and charged regularly. But, how do you know if your crystal needs recharging? Try this simple exercise if you need to learn how to recharge your crystals and when.

Connect with Your Crystal

To find out if your crystal is in need of a recharge, first hold it in your hands. Then, take note if you feel:

  • Dullness or exhaustion of the energy
  • A shift in the energy you’ve experienced with this crystal
  • Lack of responsiveness to your connection attempts


Any of these experiences will key you in that your crystal needs realignment or to be cleared of negative energy.


hands hold a large clear crystal when deciding if it's time to recharge your crystals

When to Recharge Your Crystals

Moonlight is one way to recharge your crystals. You can charge in any phase, lunar event, or astrological moon season, whether it’s a lunar eclipse, harvest moon, or cold moon. Just remember that each phase, event, and season has its unique energy that will affect the reboot. You can add specific intentions or align with the astrology of the particular moon.

The Full Moon casts the strongest light and is great for releasing energy and charging up moon-loving crystals like moonstone. You may find that you’re best able to cleanse crystals with the full moon energy, as well.

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