Plant Positivity

One of the most popular hobbies right now is gardening. From victory gardens to indoor hydroponic grow to an indoor jungle of houseplants, so many people are rolling up their sleeves and enjoying time with those sweet, sweet soil microbes. Perhaps it’s more than just a hobby or a way to feed yourself and your family. Green is associated with the heart chakra and the planet earth. Naturally, the image of a lush forest or a sun-drenched meadow are staples of meditation visualizations, bringing an instant sense of calm from these heart and earth connections. There is something deeply nurturing and soothing to the soul to be surrounded by the serenity of green – it’s immediately grounding (pun intended) to work in the land and cultivate.

Plants are also an unmistakable symbol of hope, something that’s vital to a healthy mindset during these trying times.  From a seed or small tender plantlet comes a bountiful, mature plant. We plant with expectation of future growth and reward. We do not know exactly how things will turn out and still we bravely proceed anyway.

It is also a practice, because with rare exception will a plant thrive under poor conditions. These plants teach us to care for another being and to be forgiving and gracious with ourselves for our mistakes and unfulfilled aspirations. Even the most experienced gardens kill plants along the way. It soon becomes apparent that an occasional plant-icide is part of one’s green thumb journey. I’ve killed more plants than I care to admit as I’ve learned about these plants, the conditions of my house and yard, seasonal variations, and sometimes from something as simple as adding too much water. Somewhat magically, even the death of a beloved plant does not dampen the optimism of a plant-i-ful life. I thank these plants for being in my life for however long they were with me and remind myself there will be another plant to fill that space with its grace and beauty. Hope springs eternal from these little flora companions.

Is there space for a little more green in your life?

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