Summer Outdoor Ritual Series, Part 4: Outdoor-Friendly Crystal Grid

We’re finishing our outdoor ritual series with a simple setup for a crystal grid, one that would work great with last week’s nature meditation.


Bringing Crystals on Outdoor Adventures

The key to outdoor crystal work is to bring the right crystals—and keep the plan simple:

  • Plan ahead and only bring the individual stones you need
  • Leave fragile or easily damaged crystals (e.g., ones that cannot get wet) at home
  • Tumbled crystals are ideal
  • If bringing crystals with tips or points (towers, clusters, raw specimens), wrap carefully and store them in a sturdy container within your gear
  • Don’t leave any super clear crystals (think a quartz sphere) in the sun – they can concentrate sunlight and spark a flame.



Simple Outdoor Crystal Grid


Outdoor crystal grid of quartz crystal with flowers designed by Ink Stone Moon

A crystal grid is a specific arrangement of crystals, often following a pattern or shape of sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is thought to be a universal and unifying language, allowing communication at a fundamental energetic level for everything in existence. You can read more about sacred geometry.

When crystals are arranged in these geometric patterns, it is believed that the power of intention in setting the grid is enhanced by the power of the crystals and the sacred geometry pattern, as well as the synergy between the two.

If you seek to add intention-setting to your outdoor practice, a basic crystal grid with clear quartz and written intention is an easy way to apply to any intention you have.


What you’ll need:

  • At least seven pieces of clear quartz (tumbled work best)
  • An activating crystal like a Lemurian point, a crystal wand, or a clear quartz point
  • Optional grid cloth, which is a cloth printed with your sacred geometry pattern
  • Written intention (you can also keep this intention in your mind)


Before you head out, make sure you’ve cleared your crystals. Read tips on cleansing your crystals in the moonlight. Next, choose your grid pattern. I recommend a circle because it’s super easy, yet very powerful. The circle represents wholeness and completeness. I also love Metatron’s cube, which incorporates sacred geometry shapes and allows for maximum flexibility from one pattern.


At your outdoor location, arrange the crystals into your grid pattern. Be intentional in setting one after the other and keeping your intention in your mind as you place each crystal. For a circle, place the first crystal and then go around the circle in one direction adding crystals. Once all placed, use your activating crystal to gently touch or hover over each crystal and speaking your intention into each crystal, activating your grid. Finish by circling the entire grid with your activating crystal going clockwise and speaking your intention. If you brought a written intention, you can place the paper in the center of the grid.


If you want to do a large grid, consider swapping a grid cloth for a fun sacred geometry towel like this one available at Amazon.


I hope you’ll find these outdoor rituals to be fun additions to your summer activities. Now get out there and soak up all the summertime wonders of the great outdoors!

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