Meet Bethany

I seek to connect with my heart to create joy in others through helping them find something or some place in their life to anchor and inspire. I’m dedicated to self-love and growth and I want to see that manifest for my clients using crystal blessings and sanctuary design.

I am over the moon with excitement to bring my gifts and knowledge to you to help you create supportive sanctuaries in your life!  I use a lighthearted and heartfelt approach to help you understand your space and make it what you need it to be. Let’s take this exciting step towards making your sanctuary.

Throughout my successful career as a lawyer in Hawaii and Oregon, I felt something was missing. Great jobs with excellent firms didn’t lead to lasting happiness or contentment. I loved the intellectual challenge and helping my clients, but I didn’t feel the excitement or drive I saw in my some of my fellow attorneys – those I could tell were doing what they really wanted to do.

Eventually it dawned on me – what was missing was passion. But where did my passion lie? It took years to find it.

While trying to figure that out, I was suffering from the all-too-common stresses of the legal profession.  I sought to create some sanctuary to help keep me healthy and lower my stress.  First at home; then in my office. After lots of trial and error with different “stress relief” items, I started to run across crystals and plants that caught my eye. At first, I gave them no more consideration than their beauty. Eventually, I began to feel a change from their presence. I found mentors in the crystal healing and plant communities. These mentors and programs helped me understand how these beautiful natural elements were changing the energy of my space. From there, I designed my sanctuary spaces through intuition and crystal healing principals using a combination of crystals, plants, aromatherapy, music, and symbolic décor.   I created spaces that helped support my personal health, growth, and happiness – a healing support that everyone who entered those spaces immediately felt. Sometimes I had trouble getting my work done because people would come into my space and wouldn’t want to leave.

Eventually I realized that my greatest professional joy was the spaces I had designed, not the work I performed there.  I had found my passion. That’s when I knew it was time to embrace this passion and help others create these spaces. In creating Ink Stone Moon, LLC, I have paired this experience with my crystal healer certification from the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy and my love of using words and presents to bring inspiration and spark growth in others.