Seven Day Spring Manifestation Exercise 

As nature blooms around us, we are drawn to spring to action in our own lives. All our plans from the cold winter are primed to take life. Now is the time to manifest these intentions.  Try this seven-day manifestation exercise to jump start your manifestation process. This exercise is great to coordinate with the renewal of Spring Equinox, but it is also powerful at any time of year.


What is a Manifestation?

Manifestation is the combination of setting your intentions and taking action to make the actions a reality. It’s easy to just wish for something to change, grow, or appear in our lives and forget that we need to put action and energy behind it. That’s where a meditation exercise comes in.


Woman meditating in a field with flowers and streaming sunlight

Finding clarity

First, we must get clear on setting our goals and intentions. A vision board is a great way to identify and map out our intentions. Bonus: the act of building a vision board is a powerful first step in manifesting the intentions.


Pair the intentions with action

It can be simply declaring the intention already exists in the world – aloud or in writing. For example, “I declare that I have abundant financial prosperity!” Do not doubt the power of the spoken word to the ears of the Universe. You can also add a supportive practice like meditation, journaling, a crystal grid or designated crystal symbol, or a ritual.


Add a plan of action

Most intentions require us to do something. Getting a new job requires applying and interviewing. Finding love requires meeting new people and going on dates. And so on. Find the steps needed to get you to your goal and map them into a plan that walks you to your goal. A life coach is a great partner in this step.


Lastly, don’t forget the intention. Keep reminding yourself of your intentions to stay motivated—continually check in on your progress. Your vision board or even a sticky note can be visual reminders.


How to Perform a Manifestation Exercise

Try this manifestation exercise for seven days to walk out the process of setting intentions and manifesting them.


Day One: Gratitude

To prepare for what’s new, we must honor what has come. Find a quiet, peaceful place and think about all you’ve accomplished, overcome, and created during winter. Hold it all in your heart and say a heartfelt thank you. Use a candle or rose quartz to add loving energy and focus to your thanksgiving, if this is supportive. Additionally, give yourself credit for your hard work and thank others for their assistance in your journey.


Day Two: Release

The new cannot enter when the old blocks the door. Search your heart and your home for any unsupportive thoughts, beliefs, and energy that could block what is awaiting you. Usher them out with a clearing ritual, such as burning sage, ringing bells or singing bowls, dancing, or other movement or sound disruption. Be thorough, creating as much space for the new as possible.


Day Three: Recharge

You need energy to attract the new. Make sure your batteries are charged. Time for self-care! Loving touch, warm bath, crystal support from rose quartz, imperial topaz, or carnelian – whatever resonates with you. Invite supportive energy from the Universe into your field and ask for support from your guides as you embark on powerful manifestation work.


Day Four: Seek Inspiration 

We must see to believe. Seeing signs of the things we want to create already in existence can be a powerful motivation. Check-in with your mentors and inspiring figures; create or revisit your vision board; go to a place that inspires your imagination. Fill your senses with proof of what could be and spark that flame within.


Day Five: Turn Inward

Knowing what you want with clarity is a creative force. I believe that manifesting is most effective when we can tell the Universe exactly what we want. We know the Universe can deliver far beyond our wildest dreams, yet we often stumble getting even what we think we want because we are sending mixed messages – counteracting our power with confusion. Take time to meditate on what you want and let the vision get clear within you so that your whole being can stand behind your clear intention.


Woman Meditating in Nature

Day Six: Journal

Pausing creates power. By collecting your thoughts before creating, you can intensify and add further clarity to your intentions. Write down everything you are seeking to manifest and everything you’ve learned in your journey from day one through now. Write out what you intend to manifest in bold, present-tense phrases such as “I am attending my preferred university.”

If needed, you can repeat day five’s manifestation exercise.


Day Seven: Speak Your Truth

Manifesting is speaking your truth into power — it is proclaiming that what you seek is already in existence and you are calling it closer through your bold words and aligned actions. Open up your journal and speak your manifestations aloud. You can add manifestation rituals such as crystal grids, candles, and sacred herb burning. Or, simply hold a manifesting crystal such as clear quartz (a crystal point is ideal), manifestation crystal, or labradorite.

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