Make the Mundane Magical

As we settle into this normal, we can find opportunities with our new routines to add rituals to make the mundane magical and transformative. As you wash your hands for 20+ seconds (seriously, every time 20+ seconds!), perhaps this can be an opportunity for gratitude or release. Name 5 things you’re grateful for, name 5 things you’re letting go, bless the world, bitch out your ex and wash that loser down the drain, whatever comes to mind as you take a moment for yourself. Those 20+ seconds will fly by and you’ll find purpose and thankfulness in what could be a mundane, unappreciated task. You can expand on this into other tasks like wiping down high contact areas, sanitizing/breaking down mail/groceries and so much more. Look at these repetitive-task times as opportunity zones and see what your new perspective unlocks for you. Try it out and tell us what has become available to you through this practice. Stay safe and well!

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