How to Use Crystals to Manifest Change in Your Life

A question I often get is, “why crystals?” Specifically, why did I get into working with crystals, and why should someone try adding crystals into their lives? The short answer is that crystals are gorgeous and they’ve been proven to be powerful tools in my personal and spiritual journey. I’ve spent a lot of time working with healing stones, and hope to share some tips on how to use crystals to manifest the change you’re seeking.


Whether you want an authentic, one-of-a-kind piece of natural art or want to work with the metaphysical powers of healing crystals, you really can’t go wrong with adding crystals into your life. They are both beautiful gems of the earth with astounding colors and formations, and also excellent tools for positive energy transformation.


In this blog, we’ll explore:

  • What drives me to work with crystals
  • Why you may want crystal energy in your life
  • A simple way to use crystals for manifestation work


Woman holding heart shaped crystal in front of her


How I Found Crystals

If you’ve read about Ink Stone Moon, you’ll know that I’m a lawyer and my journey into crystal healing work and spiritual guidance has been on the road less taken. I’ve always been fascinated by rocks, but I was raised not to believe in anything metaphysical or anything “woo woo” (like crystals and manifestation work). Until a few years ago, I only thought of crystals as shiny, pretty rocks.


But, after years of working in law and trying every way I could to manage the stress and demands of the job, I tried one last throw of spaghetti against the wall. I started filling my office with every beautiful crystal I could find and many lush plants. At that time, I didn’t fully understand that I was not only incorporating crystal and plant energy but also improving the Feng Shui of my space. 


Suddenly, my office was calming and tranquil. I was able to use mindfulness and stress management practices better. My job satisfaction improved, and I could see the change in my space and my life. Perhaps the changes in my workspace worked a little too well, and I could hardly get coworkers or clients out of my office!


When I left my last in-office law job, I realized how much that space had supported me and it became my passion to help others transform their work and life sanctuaries in the same way. And, the more I learned about these master healers of the earth, the more I tapped into their potential to support other aspects of life. I was hooked on these vessels of love and light, and Ink Stone Moon was born.


Why Crystals May Work for You

Here are just a few reasons people use crystals.

You want a truly unique piece of art

Crystals are the ultimate collector’s item and found object art. Mother Nature makes no two pieces the same, and the artistry of carvers can transform polished pieces into whatever form or shape speaks to you.


You want powerful tools to support your intention setting and manifestation work

Healing crystals have been used for thousands of years in manifestation – bringing intentions to reality. Crystals can be used in crystal grids, meditations, spell work, and rituals to bring clarity and energy to your intention setting.


Working with the law of attraction, their energy can draw in your intentions and the specific properties of the crystals can add power to your dreams. For example, tiger’s eye can stand with you taking effective action and mustering the energy to do so.  Whether manifesting love or your dream vacation, get clear about your vision and use crystals to support it.


You want a tangible reminder of your specific goals, intentions, and aspirations

Metaphysics and healing properties aside, crystals or any object can be used as symbols and reminders. Place a crystal that pleases the eye somewhere in your living space and every time you see it, think of your intention. Keeping it in your mind will be that little extra motivation you need to bring the intention to pass.


You want the fanciest paperweight you can find

It’s totally acceptable if you just think that crystals look cool and want them in your space for the aesthetics. Having an interest in crystals doesn’t mean you have to believe they are healing stones. You get to decide what they mean to you.


Do any of these reasons sound good to you? Then crystals are for you! However, try these tips if you want to learn how to use crystals to manifest change and intentions.


Celestite crystal for manifestation held in cupped hands


Using Crystals to Manifest Change

Try this simple practice to incorporate crystals into your manifestation process.

  • Set your specific goals and manifestation intentions. Manifestation works best when you get clear and precise on what you want.
  • Find a crystal that supports the goal or intention. Find a crystal guidebook to identify a crystal that resonates with your intention or use your intuition.
  • Hold the crystal in your hand. Draw its energy into you as you focus on your intention. Bring that energy into your being as you declare your intention is manifest.
  • Affirm your intention with meditation, ritual, journaling, or other practice. Manifesting is speaking the intention to life — it can be as simple as declaring the intention aloud or in writing. Or, you can get creative with meditation, ritual, or other practices — whatever is most supportive.
  • Place the crystal in a place you’ll see it. There is power in keeping the intention alive and present in your life. Set the crystal in your space or wear it as a reminder.


If you want more good luck and less negative energy, try this exercise with a piece of green aventurine or jade. Then, place it somewhere you’ll see it to remind yourself that you’re lucky and good things are coming your way. Likewise, if you want unconditional love, try a rose quartz crystal.


There’s no wrong way to add crystals to your life. Bookmark and reference this blog for times when you need a reminder about how to use crystals to manifest using your crystals. Have fun and enjoy your stone treasures!

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