How to Introduce Crystals into Your Home

Have the crystal muses called to you? Did you spy a crystal you like but wondered how you could incorporate it into your life? You might be crystal curious, and you are ready to introduce crystals into your home. Adding healing stones or crystals into your living space is a great place to begin for anyone curious about what to do with these sparkly gems of the earth. Crystals not only have amazing healing energy but they also are some of the most unique and striking objects of art.

You don’t have to be a crystal healer to take advantage of the beauty, practicality, and positive vibes that crystals will bring into your living space. Our intro to crystals will show you how!


Crystals for Beginners

You can start with a crystal you’re called to or aim to add certain crystals that work well in the home. From there, you’ll want to prepare them for working in your home.


How to Choose Crystals for Your Home

There are a few core crystals, stones, and minerals you can use to begin your home collection. Try introducing the following crystals and stones at home:

  • Clear quartz: The master healer, this stone amplifies all intentions and energies. Its clear color also will work with any décor or color scheme.
  • Rose quartz: The stone of unconditional love and self-love. This is a peaceful and harmonizing stone that connects us to the “heart chakra” of the home.
  • Amethyst: You will love amethyst in the home for its gentle but persistent work of transmuting negative energy into positive energy. Amethyst is like an energetic air filter for any stagnant vibes in the home and works great to get rid of negative energy.
  • Black tourmaline: A highly protective stone. You can create crystal grids around your house with black tourmaline to protect every entrance or the whole property. They are considered to help mitigate EMF energy and can be placed near routers and major electrical appliances.
  • Fossils: They aren’t crystals, but we had to mention them in this list. Fossils connect us with the ancient times – both historically and the energy of the past. They serve the same purpose as a beloved heirloom by honoring what has come before, on the scale of eons rather than generations. They incorporate earth and deep earth energy as well as any of the properties of the location and the flora or fauna fossilized (for example, many fossils are of sea creatures, bringing in ocean energy).


Black and white photo of fossil sitting on the desk inside of a home

Fossils are a wonderful way to mix up aesthetics. A shiny crystal next to an earthy fossilized creature creates a unique balance of light and dark, feminine and masculine, and ethereal and earth-bound.

For shapes, try:

  • Raw specimens and cut slabs: They are unique works of art untouched by human hands. The elegance of a specimen or slab is truly inspiring.
  • Spheres and pyramids: They send healing energy in all directions, making them a great way to fill the complete energy field of a room, like ones of black tourmaline and amethyst to protect against negative thoughts and negative people.

We always recommend that you choose the crystal or stone that inspires you. If a specific or type of rock is calling to you, it’s probably right for you.


Bringing Your New Crystal Home

First and foremost, it’s important to cleanse and charge your crystal when you bring it home. This will remove unwanted energy from its life before coming home with you, restore its vibrational strength, and attach your intention to it. You can read more at our beginner’s guide to charging and cleansing your crystals with moonlight.

Next, it’s important to set an intention for how you want the crystal to function in your space. Crystals have many properties and it’s helpful to communicate with the crystal which properties you want to highlight in your home.

You can speak your intention as you cleanse and charge your new crystal or write your intention on paper and place it under the crystal.


a windowsill filled with many varied crystal towers including yellow fluorite and clear quartz inside of a home


Location Matters

Healing stones and crystals have a type of energy to them, so it matters where you put them—especially so if you share your space with others. Don’t be a crystal ninja; being sneaky and adding crystals on the sly never brings harmony and can contribute to unwanted or negative emotions. In shared spaces, it’s best to know the properties of the crystals and make sure everyone approves of adding that crystal energy to your space.

For example, if someone wants a relaxing space, adding the vibrant energy from carnelian could cause conflict.

Crystal healing energy should enhance the space for all users. Other philosophies like Feng Shui can also be used to pick the location of crystals in the home. Rose quartz, for example, can go in your love corner, and yellow, earth-tone crystals can go in the center of your home (like earth-toned agates or golden tiger’s eye).

As a practical matter, avoid placing crystals in high-traffic areas. Many stones, crystals, and polished rocks are sturdy, but they can have fragile features like fine points or delicate clusters. Avoid placing them in places where they’re likely to be bumped or knocked over.


How to Create Crystal Décor and Arrangements at Home

Crystal collections can be both subtle and striking. Grouping crystals together can create eye-catching focal points, especially if mixing colors or heights. It could be a bowl full of tumbled stones, a set of crystal towers, or a mix of shapes and sizes. You can also coordinate energies, such as having several stones to support calming energy like rose quartz, amethyst, lithium quartz, and lepidolite.

Mixing crystals with existing décor is a great approach, especially for beginners. Utilize your current interior designs and find a crystal that you feel will enhance it— in color, shape, and energy. This subtle addition method is visually pleasing to most people and enhances your existing aesthetics.


a collection of clear quartz crystals point on a desk corner


Functional Crystal Pieces

Lastly, there are functional pieces made out of crystals, stones, or minerals that are a subtle and practical way to add some healing energy to your space.

  • Lamps: Quartz crystal lamps bring gorgeous light into a space along with their healing vibes.
  • Bowls: Crystal bowls are sturdy and beautiful, plus they can hold other décor pieces like more crystals.

The most important considerations are to find pieces you love and have fun!

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