Best Plants for the Home Office 

Springtime flowers and plants are filling the landscape and store shelves alike. Now is the perfect time to refresh your home office with the supportive green energy of plants. Below are some of my favorite low-maintenance home office plants and a few more adventurous options. All of these plants work for your regular office, too.


Why Do Home Offices Need Plants?

Work requires motivation and can bring stress into our lives. Amazingly, plants are powerhouses for inspiration, motivation, and calm vibes. Because plants represent growth, vitality, and perseverance, one needs to look no further than a plant for an example to keep going! Plants also tap into green heart chakra energy and tend to inspire the serenity of nature in our spaces.


To reap the benefits of the plant’s energy, the plant needs to be healthy and happy. The office is no place for sickly or rehab plants. Ensure you get high-quality, healthy plants and the fertilizer, misters, and other supplies you might need. Read on for my home office plant recommendations.


Low Maintenance Plants

Low maintenance plants tolerate varying light conditions, temperatures, or watering schedules. Remember, no plant is no maintenance. For example, low light plants may still grow light if kept in a darker corner. These plants are great low-maintenance options that may work in your space:

Snake plants

Cheekily known as mother-in-law’s tongue, snake plants are exceptionally easy to grow and maintain. They add height and can tolerate low natural light. Look for unique varietals.


vibrant snake plant in a white pot against a white wall

Air plants

These plants don’t need soil to hang or perch anywhere in your office. Mist daily and soak weekly. Try a striking wall hanging or a cute tabletop display. I love filling a big glass vase or bowl with crystals or shells, then topping it with an air plant.



Wax plants are beautiful and relatively tolerant stunners with draping vines and adorable little blooms. They come in many varieties, often featuring striking variegation.


hoya potted plant

Cacti and Euphorbia

They require a lot of direct light but little water. They are visually striking and come in a variety of sizes. If you’re worried about the spikes, try fuzzier varieties.


Home Office Plants for Experienced “Plant Parents”

If you’re a plant parent pro or feeling more adventurous, try one of these stunning plants.

Mini Monstera (Rhapidiosa tetrasperma)

These are one of the most popular new climbers on the market in the last few years—and it’s easy to see why. Mini Monsteras are fast climbers with medium-sized notched leaves that make a statement in any space. However, they can be a bit pricey and finicky when getting established in a new spot. They do best with bright, indirect light, a daily misting or humidifier, and room to grow vertically.



A true classic for the office and prized indoor plant. The arching sweep of the stem and jewels of blooms are striking. They are picky: they want consistent lighting (nothing direct), watering (low), moisture level (higher, they are tropical), and temp/airflow (no cold drafts). If you are willing to do the research, prep, and maintenance for the specific orchid you get, you will be richly rewarded with a living piece of art.


close up of purple orchid against a green wall

No Green Thumb? Try Cut Flowers

Pre-cut flowers are an excellent option for anyone who wants no maintenance, including those who travel often. A springtime bouquet brings vibrant color and many other benefits into an office space. They will cost more in the long run but are great if you need an occasional energy boost. Aim for local, seasonal flowers whenever possible—they typically last longer, and the purchase supports local businesses!

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