Summer Outdoor Ritual Series, Part 1: Getting Grounded

For summer, let’s challenge ourselves to spend time outside. Whether it’s in our backyard or on a hike deep in the wilderness, connecting with nature through grounding exercises might be the breath of fresh air your body and mind are craving.

We can enhance our time communing with nature by enjoying spiritual and crystal-based rituals that work well outside. Practices with simple provisions – i.e., they don’t take a lot of prep work or lugging 50 pounds of amethyst in your backpack.


To aid in this journey, I’ll release a new outdoor ritual each week for the month of July. The rituals will be:

  • Getting Grounded
  • Playing in the Dirt
  • Nature Meditation
  • Outdoor-Friendly Crystal Grid 


Check back each week for the next practice and let me know how these rituals worked for you.


Week 1: Getting Grounded

Why Ground?

The act of grounding, also known as earthing, is one of the most powerful tools to bringing ourselves back to the present moment, pause thoughts speeding out of control, and calming our minds and body systems. Studies have even suggested that contact with the Earth and its electrons can be an “effective environmental strategy” against a host of ailments such as chronic stress, pain, and poor sleep. See the Journal of Environmental Public Health on Earthing and Article on Grounding.


Easy Grounding Exercises

grounding exercise a child sitting peacefully in wild grasses facing the rising sun

Start by simply putting your bare feet onto the ground—dirt or grass usually feel the best against the feet. Your intention is to be in the moment. Take several cleansing breaths. You might even turn your face to the sun and soak in its warmth as you feel the cool earth underfoot.


To enhance the grounding effect, try adding in a visualization exercise. Visualize Universal Light Energy entering through your crown chakra and passing through you. All unsupportive energy travels down and out through your feet to be transmuted into more useful forms of energy deep within the earth.


Now, visualize yourself rooting into the grounding Mother Earth, connecting your energy with hers through deep, stable roots. Imagine the roots transforming into pure energy, so you are no longer tethered physically, yet still connected energetically by an energy placenta to the Earth. Holding an earth-aligned stone, like moss agate, tree agate, or petrified wood may deepen the experience, as well.

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