How to do a Moon Ritual with Crystals

If you’re ready to perform a moon ritual using your crystals, follow these basic steps and tips. You can also use this guide for clearing and charging your healing crystals with moonlight during your ritual or the other lunar phases.


Choose a Moon Phase

The Full Moon is ideal for both a moon circle ritual and recharging crystals because it’s a powerful time of release, completion, and strong moon energy. You can also schedule your ritual for a specific moon phase matching your intentions — each has unique energetic properties. If you don’t want to wait on the full moon to reboot, adjust your intention-setting to the current phase.


Perform Your Full Moon Ritual

You’ll need the moonlight, a method to cleanse the energy of ritual, any crystals you want to support your intentions, and any crystals you want to clear and recharge during the ritual.

Using holy smoke (sage, palo santo, beloved herbs), a “smudge” spray, or sound (singing bowl, clapping, etc.), clear the energy off of yourself and your crystals.

Clear yourself and then your crystals. The moonlight cleanses too, but this extra step cleanses you and makes this into a deep clean for your crystals.

  • Create a theme for your moon ritual, informed by the phase of the moon (e.g., releasing unsupportive energy during the Full Moon, creating new beginnings during the New Moon).
  • Set your intention.
  • Open the ritual, calling on your supportive crystals, your guides, and the energy of the moon phase to support your intentions.
  • Quiet your mind.
  • Announce your intention and that you are clearing your energy.
  • If supportive, meditate with your crystals on what you’re letting go of and asking for at this time.
  • Symbolically release any unwanted energy, using another clearing (see above) or burning a list of everything you’re releasing.
  • Clear any crystals.
  • Close the ritual, giving thanks for all the support you received and thanking yourself for the stand you are taking on your intentions.

If you’re also charging crystals, leave the crystals in the moonlight. The crystals need at least two or three hours of moonlight, but overnight is ideal.

Glowing Moon orb for moon ritual with crystals

Extra Tips for Moon Charging Crystals

For a Full Moon ritual or crystal recharging, you need moonlight! Scope out a safe and comfortable place to perform your ritual or expose your crystals.

Take into consideration the weather, how much moonlight the location will get, and any security concerns. Place your crystals in direct moonlight whenever possible. If you have a lot of crystals, place them in a basket lined with a towel — a laundry basket is perfect! You can nestle in your crystals, making it easier to move them outside or chase the moonlight cast from your window.

If you’re leaving them outside, do the following:

  • Check the weather. Your crystals can fracture if exposed to the cold.
  • Ensure it’s a secure location, especially if you’re leaving crystals unattended.

The safest location is always inside – usually a window sill or within the cast of the moon through your window.

Note: a drafty window sill may get chilly too, so still be careful not to get your crystals too cold.

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