Harnessing the Full Moon to Recharge Your Meditation Practice

Meditation is an outstanding tool to stay grounded and present, maintain mental health and restful sleep, and reduce stress and anxiety symptoms. With a full moon meditation, you can reset your mindfulness meditation practices and recharge your methods.


Feeling Stuck When Mediating

Sometimes, we can get lost in trying to meditate “perfectly” — focusing on the outcome or insisting that it look a certain way. With this approach, anything short of the “perfect” meditation then feels like a failure. When this happens, we lose the purpose and benefits of meditation. This is a meditation rut.

Meditation practice is just that – a practice. It’s being in the present moment, as best we can with grace and self-compassion, allowing everything that’s there to be just as it is.

This guide will cover five tricks to get unstuck if you’re having trouble meditating, and how the full moon can help.

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Full Moon Meditation

The full moon is a natural time to reset and recharge stagnant energy in our lives. Before trying the tips below, consider releasing any blockages to your practice and recharging your meditation practice with a new intention.

Simply close your eyes and recall all frustrations with your practice, write down the blockages, then release the blockages through burning, submerging in water, or tearing the paper. For a deeper release, try recharging your crystals using the full moon energy. Then set your new intention for a reinvigorated practice.


Five Ways to Enhance Your Meditation Practice

With your clear head and new intentions, try one or more of these tricks to break through stagnant meditation practice.

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Switch It Up

Change aspects of your meditation practice to mix things up. You’ll take the automatics and bad habits out of play. Try another form of meditation, like a walking or eating ritual.

Move inside or outside. Lay down or stand. Meditate at a different time or for a different duration. Tip: change one thing at a time and do it several times, then change something else, if needed.


Remember that every time we meditate – no matter how it goes – we’ve benefited. Give yourself grace and remind yourself that there is no state of perfect meditation to achieve. You’re doing your best and that’s more than enough.

Add a Meditation Aid

Boost focus with a sensory device or a crystal. Try a candle or incense to anchor your sense of smell or add prayer beads to focus through touch. Or add a crystal. So many crystals enhance meditation, some that I love are labradorite, nuumite, clear quartz, rose quartz, and scolecite. For an extra “push”, use a guided meditation like a guided vision board meditation.

Know When to Push and When to Pause

Sometimes there is growth in pushing through the obstacles. Other times, we need to step back and find another path. Get curious when the practice gets frustrating. Ask yourself what’s coming up and ask your inner guide whether perseverance or pausing is more supportive.

Say “Hi”

The last is my favorite. When I get stuck, I say “hi” to myself, silently or aloud. Every time, I experience an instantaneous shift. There’s now softness, warmth, and loving kindness that sweetly returns me to the moment. Say a gentle “hello” to yourself, perhaps with a soft and friendly smile on your lips, and see what it unlocks. 

The next time your meditation feels off, don’t worry! It is part of the practice, too. Try these tips and get back into a refreshed practice.

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