• 3 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Gardening

    Spending time in the garden is my sanctuary time. I’ve spoken before about the benefits of grounding oneself in the soil, but it also inspires me as I journey through life. Whether you have green thumbs or not, the garden is full of life lessons and spiritual lessons. The…

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  • Best Plants for the Home Office 

    Springtime flowers and plants are filling the landscape and store shelves alike. Now is the perfect time to refresh your home office with the supportive green energy of plants. Below are some of my favorite low-maintenance home office plants and a few more adventurous options. All of these plants…

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  • Vision Board Workshop: A Guide for Creating Your Board

    Vision boards aid in goal-setting and collect our intentions into a visual roadmap of the life we want to create. These boards are like mirrors reflecting our intentions back to us. Also, they provide inspiration and clarity. They also reflect out to the Universe, helping us draw what we…

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  • Crystal Gifts for New Grads

    It’s graduation time! As high school and college graduates celebrate the final days of their studies, they anticipate the next chapter of their education, career, or other major transitions. If you’re looking for personalized gifts for grads this year, consider a unique crystal or healing stone.   Crystal Gift…

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  • How to Use Crystals to Manifest Change in Your Life

    A question I often get is, “why crystals?” Specifically, why did I get into working with crystals, and why should someone try adding crystals into their lives? The short answer is that crystals are gorgeous and they’ve been proven to be powerful tools in my personal and spiritual journey. I’ve…

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  • Harnessing the Full Moon to Recharge Your Meditation Practice

    Meditation is an outstanding tool to stay grounded and present, maintain mental health and restful sleep, and reduce stress and anxiety symptoms. With a full moon meditation, you can reset your mindfulness meditation practices and recharge your methods.   Feeling Stuck When Mediating Sometimes, we can get lost in…

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