Bathroom Feng Shui: Intentional Design and Decor

Bathrooms are small but critical spaces when designing the energy and vibe of your home. It is a room full of water energy, a room used for beautification and cleansing, and—unmentionables. It is the room everyone needs but often overlooks in design. Let’s take a look at how some intention and bathroom Feng Shui can turn a humble wash room—a potential energy black hole—into a crystal-infused oasis of the home.


Why are bathrooms important energetically?

The many drains in a bathroom are thought in Feng Shui philosophy to create literal pipelines for a home’s Qi or Ch’i (its inherent, vital energy) to exit the home. Learn more from Terah Collins in The Western Guide to Feng Shui Room by Room.

Bathrooms are further influential on energy because they are where we:

  • cleanse ourselves—removing not only dirt but the residual energy of the day
  • reflect—staring into the mirror and contemplating the being looking back at us
  • often where we go when we wake up and before we go to bed—in a way, framing our day


An off vibe in the bathroom can attach to us and negatively affect these ritual tasks. Similarly, an intentional and purposeful energetic design in a bathroom can positively shape what we take from these rituals.


Bathroom Feng Shui: Ch’i drainage

Bathroom feng shui bright bathroom with larg tub and door to close

Close Door Theory 

If you are noticing a drain on your home’s energy or your financial and prosperity energy (which is often connected with this bathroom drainage), start with closing all your bathroom doors. Literally separate the home’s energy from the drains. You can take it a step further to keep all drain locations covered or closed: keep toilet seats and toilet lids closed, drains shut off, stoppers in the tub, etc.


Enhance the Bagua Map motif

The Bagua Map is the energetic blueprint of your space. It divides your space into nine regions that correspond to different areas of one’s life. Whatever Bagua Map area your existing bathroom occupies, match the Bagua Map motif to your room to enhance the energy of the space and also counteract any issues like the challenges in the financial and prosperity energy from bathroom drainage. 


For example, a master bathroom in the financial corner can feature colors, crystals, and symbolism that enhance finances and counter the drainage effect: purple, blue, red, and wood elements. It also can be enhanced with crystal energy for financial benefits, like blue sapphire, which brings positive financial resolutions, career abundance, wealth, and prosperity.


Using crystals in the bathroom to enhance energy

Clear quartz and other crystals on a bathroom window sill

Crystals to keep in the bathroom

Beyond the crystals that enhance the Bagua Map elements, try adding these crystals that support activities in the bathroom:

  • Rose quartz: everyone can use more unconditional love and self-love in the bathroom;
  • Citrine or carnelian: an energetic boost to start the day (remove at night);
  • Ocean jasper or orca jasper: to enhance the calming water energy in the bathroom;
  • Clear Quartz: master healer to support all cleansing rituals and intention-setting;
  • Amethyst: transmute negative energy into positive; support positive affirmations;
  • Herkimer quartz (aka Herkimer diamond) or selenite: complete clearing and centering of all chakras. 


Bathroom rituals

Relaxing spa ritual bath with herbs and citrus infused bath


The bathroom mirror is an excellent place to post your supportive mantras. It’s like a love message to yourself, supporting you as you start and finish the day. A simple sticky note or a beautiful script note taped up with fancy washi tape allows you to post on your mirror or wall with ease.

If you have a shared bathroom, try covering the mantra with a small piece of art or positioning it under a crystal or within a crystal geode box. You can keep it hidden and still know it’s there, uncovering it when you want.

Ritual bath

Turning bath time into a ritual bath takes cleansing into a spiritual and energetic plane. Consider ringing your bath or shower with supportive tumbled crystals like rose quartz or amethyst (make sure any crystals you use are water safe and no sharp edges near the tub!).

Add supportive herbs to create a spa shower. Caution: the steam will enhance the fragrance, so test small bundles to start. 

  • Eucalyptus: cleaning and refreshing
  • Rosemary: warming and comforting
  • Lavender: deeply relaxing
  • Peppermint: refreshing and invigorating (note, it doesn’t dry well so use fresh)

You can either hang a bundle on the showerhead or create a satchel to hang from the showerhead or from the bath faucet like a teabag. And be sure to regularly perform a cleansing or clearing of your space.


Versatile Design and Feng Shui Elements

If you’re diving further into updating, consider making updates that allow for versatility—both for style and for energy:

  • Use trendy choices that can transition into timeless. For example, modern bathrooms can feature barn wood, which can transition from modern to rustic to beachy.
  • Use neutral wall colors or colors that fit more than one aesthetic. They’ll allow for changing accent colors as needed to rebalance energy or fit the current mood.
  • Leave room around the shower and sink for ritual pieces, like candles, crystals, herbs, etc.

Remember, less is more with bathrooms. These spaces are small with high energy impacts. Feng Shui tip: make changes slowly and deliberately. Start by making one change, then feel out its effect. Then, make another—and so on—until you’ve achieved your desired result.

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