Bethany Ace

  • Conscious Consumerism: Using Intention & Product Energy to Guide Your Buying Decisions

    Around the holidays, we are inundated with marketing campaigns, editorials galore, and social media blitzes telling us how and where to spend our money. Terms like “socially responsible,” “sustainable,” “eco-friendly,”… Read More

  • Plant Positivity

    One of the most popular hobbies right now is gardening. From victory gardens to indoor hydroponic grow to an indoor jungle of houseplants, so many people are rolling up their… Read More

  • Calming Corner

    Today, I want to talk about creating a calm space in your life to help you reconnect with your inner calm. With the significant changes and disruptions we are all… Read More

  • Make the Mundane Magical

    As we settle into this normal, we can find opportunities with our new routines to add rituals to make the mundane magical and transformative. As you wash your hands for… Read More

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