Our Purpose. Our Passion

Welcome to Ink Stone Moon, a Bend-based company providing crystal and sanctuary space consulting and education. We help you find and create sanctuary, inspiration, and a supportive environment in your home, office, and beyond.

WHO WE ARE (why and how we do it)

At Ink Stone Moon, we connect through our hearts to create beauty, joy, and growth in our clients’ lives. We seek to beautify and harmonize your spaces through intuitively designed crystal arrangements and supportive home décor. We also help you get clear on your intentions for your space – how you want your space to support you in manifesting your best life.

We believe that having a sanctuary in your life is a foundation. It inspires, motivates, and supports you in creating the life you want. It is your place of rest, of joy, of energy, of peace, of excitement, of everything you need in any moment to be grounded and present. This sanctuary need not be your home – it can be room, a nook, an object, or even a space inside of you that creates this feeling of your home base. We believe that stones, especially crystals, are key tools to create your sanctuary because they are vessels of unparalleled beauty and transformational energy. Even if you do not connect with the metaphysical properties of these stones, the simple beauty they offer can serve to bring beauty and inspiration to a space.

We work through relationship and collaboration.  We use the intuitive gifts and crystal healer skills of our owner and specialist, Bethany Ace, to guide and collaborate with you to understand what you need in your sanctuary and make it a reality. Our approach is based in crystal healing and intuition, while also incorporating a wide variety of design philosophies, aesthetics and personalized considerations and tastes of our clients to create spaces that will work uniquely for you. This approach is not rigid, forcing you or your space to contort to fit into a “perfect” design plan or philosophy. Rather, we collaborate to find what changes and products will work best for you, your space, and your household needs – meeting and supporting you as you are and where you are.

With empathy, intuition, and a discerning eye, Bethany will help you get clear on how you want to feel in your space, identify any obstacles to your space functioning to support you, and design crystal and décor installations to bring your space into alignment with your intentions.  The process is revelatory, educational, and most importantly, fun. You will understand you and your space like never before, have a beautiful installation that brings support and joy in your space, and you’ll learn how to spot when your space is no longer supporting you at its best.

We also offer standalone services, such as space clearing exercises and consulting services, to aid in creating your vision of the ideal space.

We want to meet you where you are in your journey of growth and self-understanding, providing personalized recommendations, crystals and décor to support the life you are living now and the life you are seeking to lead. Do you have pets? Recent changes in the household such as someone moving in or out?  Specific belief systems or philosophies that are important to you?  We want to incorporate those needs into the process so you get what you need.

Throughout, we educate our clients on home energy work and crystals – because we believe what makes these changes and installations work is your intentions and how you interact with the space. Knowledge and intention give you the power to make your space into a sanctuary.