6 Ways to Usher Positive Energy into a New Home

We often think of a new home as a fresh start. However, a home that’s new to you may have a history stored in its energy. Creating harmony with your positive energy in your new home – between the energy of your home and yourself – will instill a sense of hygge and sanctuary.


Here are six tips to help you truly instill your new home with the powerful and positive energy you’re creating for your next chapter by banishing the bad vibes and filling your dream home with good intentions. You can use these tips any time the energy in your home feels out of alignment.


Demolish and Rebuild 

We can approach this energy alignment like building a house. First, we must get rid of what’s there and then build the new foundation.


Cleanse Your Home, Your Belongings, and Yourself

Remove the negative energy or stagnant energy from your home and your belongings by ritualistically clearing the space.


  • Cleansing the space with holy smoke (you may know it as ‘smudging’) using palo santo or white sage is a revered way to reclaim a space.
  • Sound is another excellent method. You can use singing bowls, ring a bell, or clap. Use whichever technique feels right for you.
  • Waft smoke or ring the sound everywhere in the house and over every moving box. Then, open all the windows and doors and ask all of the old, unsupportive energy to exit. 


Now, perform the same clearing on yourself. You’ll want to ensure that nothing inadvertently clings to you on its way out.

If your space still feels inhabited by its past, consider finding an energy practitioner to perform a deeper clearing and cleansing.


Happy couple smiling as they move boxes in their new home


Set Your Intention

Your intention is like a home’s energetic blueprint. You can direct how your space works for you, so be bold and claim your space.


After the clearing, quiet your mind. From your clear and grounded place, envision how you want your home to feel.


Do you want your home to be soothing and comforting? Energizing and lively? Inspiring and creative? Make it specific to you and your household


When you can envision this feeling, clearly announce your intention to your home. You can speak it aloud and write it down and put it under a crystal to help manifest that intention. A geode, clear quartz generator, or manifestation crystal will help amplify and emanate your intention throughout the home.


A family with a young daughter marking and unpacking boxes in their living room


Design and Decorate

Don’t haphazardly unpack! Continue your intentional home-building as you fill your house with your belongings. And, importantly, have fun! A happy heart will infuse everything you touch with your joyous energy.


Create a Signature Sense for Your Home

Choosing an aesthetic style is often where people begin their interior design. Instead, consider focusing first on a signature sensory experience. If there is a sensory cue that runs through your house, you’ll tie together not just the look but also the home’s feel.


A sensory experience we recommend focusing on is scent.


Rustic table with white tealight and pillar candles wafting incense mala beads and Ganesha silver figure


Scent has the power to evoke memories and can boost your mood. Consciously choosing your home’s smells can dramatically shape your home’s entire experience and better influence your design choices.


Citrus, cinnamon, and flowers are some of the scents commonly found to boost your mood.


Choose scents that are harmonious and use essential oil diffusers, candles, or crystal-charged sprays in each room. Crystals can also be paired with this sensory journey throughout the house.


For example, you can pair citrine with citrus scent for bright, prosperity energy or lepidolite with lavender for calming vibes.


Setup a Sanctuary Space for Good Vibes

Consider creating a cozy corner or sanctuary space that will act as the “heart chakra” of your house. Make it a priority to finish this space as soon as you can. Ideally, you’ll have a separate area for each family member. This area of centering will allow you to build a sense of home and safety.


Set Up High-Traffic Areas

Next, arrange the more essential rooms so that your house is livable during unpacking.



Front Door: This acts as an introduction to the home. Place crystals and ritual pieces to protect this entryway and introduce your visitors to your home’s community, its boundaries, and intentions.


Living Room: Set up seating quickly so everyone can sit comfortably for unpacking breaks.


Kitchen: First, unpack the basics for cooking and eating a meal. Then, clear a space to eat your first meal at home. Breaking bread with your home is a beautiful way to begin your new life in your sanctuary.


Bedroom: Setup and make your bed. Then, get a good night’s sleep!


Quaint Welcome to Our Home Sign


Black tourmaline is a highly protective stone, perfect for entryways. It also aligns with 

the black color associated with Feng Shui’s entryway, which corresponds to career and livelihood.


Place Your Sentimental and Beloved Items in Places of Prominence

This step can make a house instantly feel like home: a family portrait, a beloved collection of spoons, a family heirloom, a cherished crystal. Whatever items give you all the feels should have a prominent place as soon as its space is ready. Like the topper on the Christmas tree or the final spoon set at the table, these pieces will bring everything together, and you will proclaim with conviction, “this is now my home.”

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