3 Ways to Boost Bedroom Energy

The bedroom is often overlooked in decorating as the room guests don’t see. Also, it’s where we spend less time awake. Yet, in many ways, the bedroom is the secret heart of the home – our true sanctuary. The reason we go there is to rest and recharge, connect in intimacy and sensuality, become naked and our most vulnerable. Our rooms are the spaces that protect us as we sleep and greet us as we wake. And, it’s where we experience our most energetically depleted and exposed states. Looking at the bedroom from this perspective, we begin to see how important the energy of the bedroom truly is.


Today, we’ll explore three ways to shift our bedroom energy to become more supportive by:

  • Picking the vibe of your bedroom and how to manifest it
  • Enhancing your intentions with crystal energy
  • Using some principles of Feng Shui to further support your intentions


Make a Mood

Cozy bedroom energy with bright white walls and soft bedding

As we begin, two points are vital: 

  1. If you share your bedroom, get insight and consent from your partner(s) for all changes. Because of the power and vulnerability inherent in the bedroom and our time there, we must be extra careful in changing energy and making sure everyone is comfortable. Thus, this means no sneaking in a new crystal or energetic tool onto your bedside table!
  2. Take it slow. For the same reasons, I recommend making changes slowly so as not to overwhelm you or your partner. Considering the power of crystals, going slow allows us to pinpoint if any new item is unsupportive. Make your comprehensive plan, then implement it slowly. 


As always, I recommend picking the feel of the room and designing accordingly. Your intention informs your experience. So how do you want your bedroom to treat you? My recommendation is a mix of sanctuary and sensuality. With energy flowing, intend for the bedroom to provide a protective cocoon for transformative rest and a place where intimacy is wholeheartedly welcomed.


Moods and Mantras

  • Bethany’s sensuality and sanctuary mantra. I invite in the energy that supports protective, enveloping rest and intimate, playful connection into my bedroom.
  • Cozy and cave-like. I invite in the energy that supports nightly hibernation with deep and restorative rest.
  • Dreams abound. I invite in the energy that supports meaningful and supportive dreams, blanketed in nourishing sleep.
  • Light and invigorating. I invite in the energy that supports lightness and ease in all things in my bedroom and waking with vitality and intention.


What about the trendy “light and bright” bedroom? In the modern open concept design aesthetic, bedrooms tend to be bright and airy. Yet, light is contrary to cozy rest and the rich darkness inviting sensual experiences. So, if you’re inclined toward the airy bedroom and find issues with sleep or sensuality, consider ways to shift the energy for nighttime, such as heavy drapes or a blanket for the bed in a luscious texture and color.


Declare and manifest your mood using your favorite technique. Or, try this one:

  • Sit or stand within a circle of clear quartz and selenite.
  • Open the circle.
  • Speak your mantra while holding an activated crystal (like a quartz generator or manifestation crystal), and then close the circle.
  • Add your crystal to your bedroom, perhaps with the mantra written out and tucked underneath, for an extra boost.


Coordinate with Crystals

Crystals for the bedroom energy with amethyst

Next, find healing crystals that support your intentions.

  • The Bedroom Staple: Lepidolite is one of the most revered crystals to keep at the bedside. Further, it’s a deeply soothing stone and its energy is considered to promote relaxation and sweet dreams. 
  • Calming:
    • Amethyst transmutes negative energy into positive, and Smoky Quartz is both grounding and transformative. Both are quartz. For this reason, I suggest using it sparingly because quartz amplifies energy.
    • Scolecite. My favorite for gentle calming, like a loving hand on the soul, known for inner peace and tranquility.
  • Dreaming:
    • Dream Quartz. A type of epidote-included quartz that’s considered to enhance lucid dreams and aid astral projection.
    • Labradorite. Considered to enhance magic and intuition in the dream state.


Crystals to Avoid

Be wary of adding amplifier crystals in your bedroom, including anything in the quartz family (clear or colored quartz, amethyst, citrine, etc.). Why? Because they amp up the energy and it may become too energetic for bedroom relaxation or cost you a good night’s sleep. The same goes for carnelian, which is considered nature’s caffeine. If you want to use it to help wake up, consider putting them in living spaces, or away in a box until you need them.


Bonus: Add plant power! I’m a firm believer that the jewels of the earth – crystals and plants – belong together in the home. A plant’s green heart chakra energy and its plant positivity are great for the bedroom. Consider a pairing to enhance your intentions. I love the recipe from Tanya Lichtenstein’s Cosmic Botany for “Sunday Nap” energy.


Feng Shui in the Bedroom

Good vibes intentions in the bedroom with Crystals for the bedroom

I first implemented Feng Shui principles in my bedroom. Accidental energetic roadblocks to amore were all over when I knew what to look for! It’s easy to throw off the sensual vibe with vestiges of childhood, peering eyes of family photos, and symbols of singlehood.


Here are a few basic tips to get you started:

  • Use mirrors sparingly. Mirrors, like quartz, amp up the energy. They can also spook with unwanted reflections. Try using smaller mirrors or covering large mirrors at night.
  • Don’t injure yourself. Avoid furniture with sharp or pointy edges or itchy textures. Focus on softness and sumptuous textures.
  • Match imagery to intentions. If you want to enhance or draw in a partnership, relocate paintings and photos of a single subject or children, replacing them with romantic imagery of couples. Want to feel like an adult? Move childhood toys and the like to another room.
  • Balance the five elements. Inventory the five elements – Air, Wood, Element, Fire, Earth – in the room and adjust any imbalance. Make sure the metal element, related to the bedroom, is represented.


If more adjustments feel needed, consider retaining a Feng Shui consultant for a comprehensive evaluation.

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